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This is a sample of the book “Modern Day Ghosts of England” By Matthew Kenton.

(A sample from the eyewitness accounts section)

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Just beyond the lower end of Cheltenham High Street, is a row of terraced houses in a road called Charles Street. The rows of buildings were built in Georgian times for the impoverished, “lower class” workers. Apparently, back then, there would have been a whole family living in each room of the house, so three or four families in each property, which nowadays would be occupied by just one.

One night, at about two in the morning, the landlady of the property, who does not live at the address, received an urgent phone call from the police. The officer explained that they needed to gain entrance to the property immediately. The landlady asked why, pointing out that she lives seventeen miles away, but the officer would only say that there had been an incident and it was urgent.

When she arrived, there were two police officers, a social services child welfare officer plus the properties next-door neighbours, who all looked very concerned and worried.

They told her that a baby had been screaming and crying since late evening, all through the night, sounding unattended to, which alerted the neighbours.

The police had been around the back of the property, to try gaining entrance and could hear that it was definitely coming from this house.

As the landlady was unlocking the front door she too could hear the incessant screams of the newborn, as she opened the door it fell silent.

The officers rushed in checking every room only to find the premises empty, not a single trace of anyone being there.

The landlady had already explained on the phone that there were no tenants there and that the house was being redecorated, but the officers insisted they had to go in to see for themselves. She understood because she too heard the crying when unlocking the door.

I later found out that the landlady did not explain to them that she used to live at the property herself and that the reason she moved out was because of strange occurrences in the house.

She revealed to me that she had got too concerned about the safety of her children, describing the fact that if she left her newborn daughter in her cot for a few minutes, then went to another room, she would hear her giggling as if someone was entertaining her and would have to rush back to the room. This continued for months, sometimes she thought she could hear a woman’s voice reading a story to her child.

It had got too much for her when she would rush back into the room to find her daughter standing up in the cot, pointing to the corner of the room saying ”Blue lady, blue lady!” smiling with her hands in the air. She would then regularly point to the same empty corner of the room excitedly saying “Blue lady!”

george street                                     The houses in Charles Street, Cheltenham.

Sapperton, Gloucestershire.

I got chatting to a farmer who worked the fields of Sapperton. He kept cattle in the fields either side of the old Roman road, the A419 Stroud Road to Cirencester.

I asked him if he knew any ghost tales about the Tunnel House Pub/Inn. He quickly replied ”That pub’s nothing for ghosts, although there are a few there. These fields are where the ghosts are.”

He went on to describe how some of the trees either side of the long road are haunted too. That when the long Roman road was rebuilt a couple of centuries ago they used prisoners to do the work, if they misbehaved in any way, or tried to escape, they were hanged from the trees and left there for days as a warning to others.

Some of the trees used are still there now, still alive, over two hundred and fifty years later. He believes that’s partly why so much of the bad energies still linger around the same trees on a regular basis, he says it’s usually worse at night, but that could just be the dark making it seem worse.

He claims he’s seen people hanging from the trees in the beam of his vehicle headlights or with a torch when out searching for a lost cow at night.

He’s also seen an original photograph of the prisoners working on the road near his farm and saw hanged prisoners in the background of the picture.

He did more research on the road and found that when the Romans built the road many years before, they too treated the workers in a similar fashion.

The farmer says he’s feared for his life on some occasions, even in the daytime, when something’s spooked his cows and they’re all panicking. He says he’s sensed some kind of energy approach him in the field, almost like something bad walking towards you, making all the cows dash away as it gets really close.

He’s heard men screaming very loudly as if being beaten or whipped, he’s gone to investigate and found nothing.

He says “I can look after myself, but I don’t like having to go in them fields or near them trees on a night time.”

sapperton 2This is looking toward Sapperton from the Cirencester direction. The road runs behind the trees on the right. The old trees can be seen in the distance.

hanging tree sapperton                                                      A suspected hanging tree.

(A sample from the theory section)

It’s time to speak freely, these are just theories but they may also be the truth.

As stated before when you die your soul will leave it’s body, if you believe you’ll go to heaven then you will, you’ll be surrounded by bright light and be greeted by long lost relatives who have already crossed over. You will be in a constant feeling of bliss and contentment.

If a person has used their life on this planet to hurt others they may go to a place like purgatory where they have to re-live or face all the things they have done. Condemned people walking down the corridor to the electric chair in the United States have screamed in fear telling the guards they can see all of their murder victims lined up as they are led past, as if the victims are waiting for them in the afterlife.

The terrified killer suddenly realising the gravity of what they’ve done in life, having to face a reality that they know nothing about. For years blissfully believing that there is no such thing as an afterlife.

There are innumerable reports of near death experiences, where people have seen a tunnel of light with a feeling of happiness, or out of body experiences during the moments when their heart had stopped.

One man even described to the non-believing doctors and nurses, items that he had seen on top of a large cabinet, in the room where he had clinically died for a few moments. The items were in a place that could only be visible from the ceiling. He remembers looking down and seeing his own body while the staff were trying to revive him.

Other souls may choose to come back again and be “Re-born” or “Re-incarnated”. There is overwhelming evidence of this throughout history, the Buddha are a fine example.

There was one case of a child born in America who as a toddler insisted to his parents that he used to live in India. He was anxious to see if his family were still alive and kept begging his parents to take him there.

They eventually humored the child but were freaked out by the fact he knew exactly where to travel to in India, not only that, when he got there he knew the village like the back of his hand, where the market was, the street names, the local customs, this is just a child remember.

Not only that he knew exactly where his old home was, they arrived there to find a family who had a shrine to their deceased father with a photo and candles. He was overwhelmed and crying. He knew all their names and they knew it was their father reborn. It also turned out that the staple belief in his old home village was faith in reincarnation.

That is just one story out of thousands providing us with proof that there is more going on in this Universe than most people realise.

Shakespeare said it best,

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Anyway, let’s get back to ghosts.

If a person dies very suddenly they may not be aware of the fact that they have died. Thinking they are still very much alive they continue to do the things they would normally do, go back to their home, go to their favourite spot in the park and so on.

They could gradually become frustrated by the fact that people seem to no longer hear them when they talk, or they might feel as if people do still hear them, maybe in a lot of cases the people do. They may notice that every time they enter the room people seem to react to them, some may eventually understand that they are dead but not know how to move on to the other realm, feeling trapped to walk the Earth as a spirit, till the end of time.

Scientific reasons

Other ghost hunters and paranormal investigators in the UK and USA have noticed frequent correlations between sites of high paranormal activity and the presence of large deposits of limestone such as quarries or mines. Also large bodies of water such as lakes and rivers, whether above or below ground, are known to increase paranormal energy.

This is quite a relevant discovery for this book as most of the ancient buildings in the Cotswolds are built from limestone and are near quarries. Also, the fact that the whole area resides on top of hills made entirely of limestone with underground rivers and reservoirs could explain the notoriously high activity of paranormal encounters in the area.

The river Severn, which flows through many of the areas where regular activity is encountered.

Many people believe that wood is more likely to absorb intense energy or feelings and emotions of passing generations, maybe even spirits. Most of the old houses in England are built using large beams of wood, usually Oak, across ceilings.

All of these factors could explain the higher chance of ghostly encounters in the UK.

DSC01093An example of an old English building made of very old wood. Imagine how many things this building has seen over the hundreds of years.

sharpness black whiteThe entrance to Sharpness Dock, this used to be a Roman port and years before that a Viking port. Thousands of years of residual energy have passed through this relatively small area.

(A sample from the technology section)

Technological Study

New methods of paranormal research are constantly evolving.

It’s believed that the famous inventor Thomas Edison experimented with the developing of a telephone that could contact spirits.

This could have been the birth of electronic “ITC” (Instrumental Trans Communication) devices, as they are known today.

One of the most effective methods used by modern day ghost hunters, is known as “Electronic Voice Phenomenon” or “EVP”.

This occurs by using an audio recording device, digital recorders, like dictaphones seem to get better results.

Audio is recorded at a suspected haunted location, questions are asked out loud, while everyone present stays as quiet as possible, avoiding even the slightest of movement, to ensure clear audio is captured.

Then, when the audio is played back using editing software, the silent areas of audio that come after the questions have their gain levels boosted. You can sometimes see tiny amounts of waveform or sounds recorded in the silence.

When boosting the volume of the apparent silence, voices can sometimes be heard in the background. Many of them appear to be coherent answers to the questions asked at recording.

More often than not the audio captured is not just random words but very relevant information, revealing an attempt of intelligent communication from some kind of entity or person in the room with the investigators. The sounds are just undetectable by the human ear alone.

There are now digital recording devices on the market that are specifically designed for this type of research. They are programmed to record the session, scan the silent areas and then automatically boost any low level samples of audio captured. So the investigator can play back the results seconds later, almost in real time, whilst still in the same room.

This enables almost direct communication with the captured voice and confirms to both parties that one another can be heard, increasing the amount of accurate information or evidence that can be captured.

(Another sample from the eyewitness accounts section)

The lady of the lake, Frampton On Severn, Gloucestershire.

In the middle of the village green are three ponds, the locals say for many generations the ghostly figure of a lady wearing a long white or light yellow Victorian dress has been regularly spotted by one of the ponds. The ponds were originally dug out in Victorian times.

In the past seven years alone three people have drowned in the middle pond, where the lady is sighted, apparently more people in the past have drowned in the same pond, generally people walking home from one of the local pubs. Some believe there is a connection between the deaths and the apparition always spotted by the same pond.

The locals say that the figure is the ghost of Lady Rosamund, who lived at Rosamund House at the end of the village green.

I arranged for a medium to meet with me in Frampton to see if we could shed any light on the strange goings on.

Sitting by the pond in question the medium went into a trance like meditation, then “Astrally” walked around the pond to see what they could see.

A lady wearing a brown Victorian style dress could be seen, completely different to the description from other witnesses.

The medium described the woman as looking quite angry, almost aggressive, he tried to ask her why she appeared in a different form to other people and said all he got from her was a very mischievous smile, a very calculating look that filled him with fear.

He said he felt as if she makes herself appear to people that way because that’s how she wants them to see her. Like an attractive, friendly, loving lady.

The complete opposite to the image of a bitter, angry, vindictive looking lady the medium could see.

He then asked the lady if she was the one drowning people in the pond, her only response was a mischievous almost maniacal smile, like a child that wants you to know they’re guilty, an almost “Proud to be evil” kind of look.

He asked her why she keeps killing people in the pond, she instantly appeared to be furiously enraged.

The medium explained that what he saw next is the clearest most vivid image he has ever seen in all his years of spiritual work, describing how it was like watching a movie in HD, inside his mind. He said it was more realistic than watching a movie because it felt as if he was actually there watching it in person.

He could clearly see her in the kitchen of an old cottage. She was much younger, looked innocent, caring and attractive. She was attending to house duties, cleaning around the wood stove, checking on the broth cooking in a large pot on the old fashioned wood burner, looking very happy to be looking after the home, very proud.

Her husband arrived home, he was wearing a shabby brown suit, made of low cost, rough looking material. It was all creased, when he removed his jacket his white shirt and waistcoat were all sweat stained and creased, like a man who’d been working hard all day in a job he hates.

He also had some kind of clips on his upper arms to keep his sleeves up. The man looked much older than her, was balding and wore round spectacles.

He looked very angry and hateful toward the young lady. She moved toward him from the stove with a loving and sympathetic gaze in her eyes, she went to give him a hug but he slapped her full force in the face, knocking her to the ground, dazed, she tried to get back up but he kicked her in the stomach.

She started sobbing, in agony on the floor by the stove, the husband put his jacket back on and walked back toward the door, undoubtedly off to the pub to drain his sorrows, looking as if his work at home was done, for now.

The woman struggled up and grabbed an iron off the wood burner (the old solid metal ones that were heated up on a wood burner before ironing clothes) she ran toward him screaming and hit him in the back of the head with it. He fell to his knees holding the wound, she hit him again on the top of the head, then the side of his head. He fell down, lying on his back, completely unconscious.

She knelt on his chest and proceeded to bludgeon him still screaming hysterically, adrenaline fuelled, until he was beyond recognition, with no sign of life. Her hands were covered in blood, with flicks up her face, she finally tried to calm down still hyperventilating and trembling.

The image then jumped to her wrapping him up in a green canvas sheet, then her struggling to drag him up an improvised ramp onto a two wheeled carriage with no horse attached, in the dead of night.

Then he saw her riding the horse and cart down the village green, toward the lower end of the village, with her husband’s body wrapped up on the back of the cart, in broad daylight. Other villagers were waving at her, saying good morning, for she was a respectable lady, they had no idea what had happened, she just waved back, smiling confidently.

The image then jumped to her by a lake, putting heavy rocks and pieces of metal in with the body then tying up the green sheet tightly. She then pushed it into the lake and watched it sink, looking around making sure no one had seen her.

Then she was back at her cottage, villagers were knocking at the door, bringing gifts, asking if she was ok, they all thought her husband had left suddenly to go live abroad, leaving his house and wife because he couldn’t stand it any more. The locals took pity on her being left alone.

Then the vision changed to the image of her being introduced to a very well to do man, wealthy, almost aristocratic, he kissed her hand and was a well-mannered gentleman.

They started courting, a love affair developed. Eventually they managed to marry, as the local registrar was aware of her husband leaving, probably indefinitely. She sold her cottage and moved in with him into his much larger red brick house with full sized sash windows and high ceiling rooms. Everything was perfect for her.

One night she heard some noise over by one of the ponds, she walked out wearing a dark cloak, she could see two people in the bushes, giggling together.

She got closer, still hiding; it was her husband, with some young girl who was known to frequent the local pubs full of men. True ladies couldn’t go to pubs back then. She was furious, still hiding behind the bushes in the dark.

They drunkenly got their clothes back on, kissed each other good night and the young girl walked off. The man set off toward home when his wife ran up behind him and hit him in the back of the neck very hard with a small wooden club. He hit the ground unconscious, near the edge of one of the ponds, she dragged him closer to the water so he was face down, with his face submerged.

He struggled slightly, but being so intoxicated, it was not for long, he went limp and she left him there still submerged.

The police knocked on her door in the morning, she did a brilliant job of acting, collapsing on the floor in tears, she sobbed saying she thought he’d been having an affair because he’d not come home.

The police spared her the details from their only witness, his lover, who confirmed they had been together, by the lake and that he was very drunk.

There were no forensics back then, no one noticed any neck injury, it was an open and shut case. She inherited the house and once again the village felt sorry for her.

The vision jumped again to her a few years later, still wearing dark clothes, she was going across the road from her house, to a pub called the Three Horse Shoes, no longer caring what people thought and no longer interested in men.

While walking home past the ponds a man followed her from the pub. He was very drunk and tried to grab her, she managed to elbow him in the face then pushed him toward the pond, she knelt on his back, holding his arms and drowned him.

The police knew he was a local drunk and a troublemaker. He’d done similar things to a few ladies over the years, so they didn’t really care and just presumed it was an accident.

The lady got cocky, feeling above the law and almost craving that feeling of power over a man. She walked down to the lake where she’d disposed of her first husband. She was surprised to find a young lad there who was a stable hand, about fourteen years old, sat at the edge paddling his feet in the water.

She threw a cord around his neck and strangled him, then pushed his body in the lake with weights attached as she’d done before.

That night she fell asleep in her grand living room on the first floor of her large house, alone.

Somehow an oil lamp fell over, setting light to the curtains. The wallpaper and pictures started burning and within seconds the whole room was ablaze.

She awoke to the inferno, ran to the door, but the heat had caused the door to jam, the handle broke off trying to open it. She ran to the windows, her clothes on fire now, but they too could not be opened. Even her hair was alight at this point.

She fell to the floor with suffocation, her whole body was on fire, suddenly, she was stood up looking at her burning body on the floor, realising she was dead.

The medium saw an image of her running out from the house toward the lakes in spirit form, she then watched the fire fighters put out the fire and remove her body from the building.

The secret of the murders died with her. Maybe no one has ever found the bodies in the lake.

The medium swears that this is the lady of the lake at Frampton. He believes she is not the ghost of Lady Rosamund, but the ghost of a murderer and warns that she is a very malevolent spirit.

lady of lake 2                           One of the ponds where the woman is regularly sighted.

murder cottage frampton The medium believes one of these is the cottage where the first husband was murdered.

The Ram Inn, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire.

The only famous place for hauntings that will be mentioned in this book is the Ram Inn at Wotton-Under-Edge, because it deserves a mention.

Where to begin?

This building is dubbed, by many, to be the most haunted building in England. One could feel cautious just writing about it, especially due to the fact that as writing these words the property sits less than seven miles away.

Mind you, the forces encountered at the property have no limits to the distance they can travel or boundaries, whatever they are.

The building currently on the site is around about a thousand years old, with extensions or alterations that have taken place throughout the various periods.

The Romans mentioned the famous haunted site, notorious with the locals for it’s strange happenings. It’s been discovered in the last century to be built on a pagan burial site that was used for the ritualistic killing of young girls as sacrifice, thousands of years ago.

Even back then it was known as a sacred spot, a high powered area where there is a stronger presence of the other worlds around us, what could be called the afterlife, other realms, or parallel dimensions.

DSC01100                                                   An ancient Druid burial tomb.

A church or some kind of church in the past has always been located near the site as it’s always been known as sacred ground, just as most of the English churches are built on special sites considered to be of higher power for communicating with the Gods.

Before that, there would’ve been stone circles in the same places where the churches now stand.

I’ve joined two teams of people in my time to film a documentary at the Ram Inn.

The second time we had two skeptics in the group, a local doctor and a business manager, who both thought ghosts were “A load of rubbish”. Believing that “When you’re dead, you’re dead, no afterlife, no tunnel of light, just nothingness.”

We wandered through the building having a quick look at the different rooms. Then each of us went up a ladder, one at a time, to have a peak at the attic room.

The room couldn’t be walked into due to a lack of floorboards.

When the doctor had a look, he immediately got drawn into a very thoughtful and almost tearful looking stare.

We asked him is he was ok but he didn’t respond to us, he continued to gaze around the attic, now with tears in his eyes.

He started saying “My God… I can see them all, they’re so sad, they’re all so sad!”

He started to look a bit wobbly so we all told him to come back down. He slowly came down the ladder wiping tears from his eyes really quite upset, almost sobbing.

He quickly returned to calm when down from the ladder, explaining that as soon as he got to the top of the ladder, in his minds eye, he could see a lady at each of the bay windows working at some kind of cotton loom, making fabric.

He described the ladies as wearing poor quality Victorian dresses or similar period. He said all the ladies were extremely sad, like prisoners, with an overwhelming feeling of horrible abuses and powerful depressed emotions, almost suicidal.

He said he could feel their sadness, as if they were all staring at him wanting him to release them, explaining that he couldn’t stop himself from crying.

He tried to describe how he couldn’t see it with his actual eyes but it was as if the imagination part of the brain or his mind was somehow overlapping with the image of the attic he was staring at. He could see where the ladies used to be forced to sit and work for days on end, with hardly any food or water.

The doctor was very concerned about the ladies and would not relax until he found out why he’d seen such a powerful emotional vision.

We had to go and find the owner downstairs so the doctor could question him, as he was getting almost hysterical about their mistreatment.

The owner John freaked out the doctor even more when he confirmed that the building was used as a debtor’s prison, or “Work house” in Victorian days and earlier periods. Where people were forced to work until their extortionate debts were paid.

Also, that the attic room was used for ladies working on cotton looms, that abuse on this floor was notorious and suicidal depression was standard in such workhouses.

The doctor looked perplexed, asking, “How is this possible? How could I have seen this?”

The owner John says he’s experienced the same images and feelings of sadness, explaining that many other visitors have had the exact same experience, many bursting into tears, saying they can feel their pain.

Also, for some strange reason, it’s normally the skeptics in the group that see the ladies in the attic. Who knows why?

Why are the skeptics somehow more susceptible to the energy in the attic?

Maybe the ladies in the vision didn’t believe in ghosts either, when they were living their lives on this Earth.

ram inn 1920                                      The Ram Inn. This photo was taken in 1920.

Serious power

During the first investigation at the Ram Inn, the first couple of hours were quite eventless, so our team were becoming confident and almost started to mock the building and the alleged ghost or spirits, I myself started walking around the hallway near the infamous “Bishop’s Room” shouting aloud “Come on! You call yourselves ghosts! Oh yeah, you’re really scary!”

Just when I said that in front of our very eyes, all six of us saw a solid metal crucifix snap in half, a horizontal crack just below Jesus’ feet.

We could see that the crack was brand new, that it couldn’t have been broken before and left balanced there.

We all heard the strength in the metal by the loudness of the snap as it broke.

The owner was quite annoyed as he said it was an expensive piece that was originally used in a Church; he believed it helped protect the building.

The owner said he hoped none of us had been antagonizing the spirits as they usually have quite a delayed reaction. They can stay annoyed for many days, breaking furniture, sometimes even damaging electrics and mains supplies.


While holding a movie lamp, observing my colleague filming the stairs in front of me, shortly after the above event with the crucifix, I witnessed my friends T-shirt dip as if an invisible force had poked him, right in front of me.

He half looked over his shoulder and said “Stop it, I’m trying to film!” I told him it wasn’t me and that I saw the T-shirt dip as if someone were poking him.

To my shock it happened again, twice, I could see by the depth of the impression on his back that something was pushing him much harder this time, he reacted to it immediately trying to move away from it, saying “Stop it man, I know it’s you”.

I swore on my life to him that I didn’t touch him, but still to this day he does not believe me.

For me it was one of the clearest examples of evidence that paranormal forces do exist. It was seen with my very own eyes, some kind of intelligent force was interacting with a human, on a real-time basis. Not just an echo from the past, whatever the force or entity was, it had to be conscious and somehow existing in the same room as us.

Some kind of being that is invisible to our eyes but with the power of physical touch.

Some might argue that my own imagination could project out a force telepathically maybe, that I caused the incident myself by accident.

That group hysteria or mass hallucination could manifest in a physical form. A self-created being that is projected out into the room, with the strength or sometimes super-strength of a human being.

Either way whatever the scientific explanations for the events witnessed turn out to be, the fact remains that something “Para-normal” did occur.

There were a few other minor events, like a bulb in a light for the cameras melted before us, the glass of the bulb started folding flat with the light shining very dimly. The bulb being inside another sealed unit with a glass screen.

When the bulb melted it touched the filament and shorted the light out. This has never been encountered before, lights are designed to get hot, this had only just been turned on so was not burning very bright.

We all agreed it felt as if something in the room was causing it, some kind of malevolent being.

The batteries in all cameras and the spares ran out in seconds. Tapes became deleted straight after filming, so we couldn’t gain much footage.

The sound of a violin playing solo could be heard on one of the wiped pieces of footage. The image was just of static and there was no other audio on most of the mini DV tapes.

Also, while toward the end of filming downstairs in a corridor leading to a barn like room attached to the side of the Inn, there was a large metal trident, like a huge devil fork or Neptune’s trident, stood upright in the corner of the hall, it suddenly slid sideways, almost hitting our cameraman in the head.

We tried to put the trident back but couldn’t even lift it, even with two of us trying, it felt as if it weighed a ton, this left us wondering what kind of person would be able to walk around holding something of this weight as we weren’t exactly weaklings ourselves and can normally lift heavy weights.

Just as we were leaving the property all packed up for the day the owner John pointed at me and said “You’ve got one following you for some reason, it’s alright though, it’ll probably be gone by night time”.

I did feel a presence for the rest of the day and thought I could hear someone moving around my house when I got back, it continued for the rest of the night.

In the morning it felt as if whatever the being was that had followed me home was gone, it also strangely felt as if it had gone back to the Ram Inn.

Some could say this was a classic example of a self -fulfilling prophecy, that I expected to be followed all night.

In my honest opinion, it felt as if it doesn’t matter what you think about, whether you focus on it or keep it out of your mind, these malevolent spirits or forces will do whatever they want, when they want, regardless of what you’re thinking of at the time.

I ended up having a conversation with a vicar from a neighbouring town about the occurrences at the ancient Ram Inn.

He was intrigued and decided to go along to the property with another vicar to have a look. Also to see if he could help clear the bad energies, whatever they are.

Upon arrival the vicars saw an elderly lady being wheeled out on a stretcher by two paramedics, she had an oxygen mask on, looked very ill and had what were described as claw marks down either side of her neck.

There were three long scratches on each side that were bleeding slightly and looked fresh.

She had a friend who was by her side and extremely hysterical, she asked the vicars for help, explaining that they had been using a Ouija board in the “Bishop’s Room” when something invisible attacked her.

The vicars tried blessing the ladies for protection before they left in the ambulance. He told them they would go in the building to try and order the bad spirits to move on.

When meeting with the vicars since, a clear picture of what they encountered at the Ram Inn cannot really be ascertained. They just said that there were many bad things in the building that would not respond to the orders of a vicar or the power of God.

The priests described how the feeling of evil in the building became so overwhelming and powerful when they were reading passages from the Bible that they ended up running from the building in a panic. They said there were horrible odours, dimming of lights and strange shadows moving around the room accompanying the really heavy, thick feeling of badness all around them.

They felt the negative entities or energies following them well away from the property, so ran to the local church for shelter, the doors were locked so they stayed in the porch way reciting prayers until sunrise, when they said it felt as if the malevolent energy around them suddenly left and went back to where it came from.

They are both adamant that they will never go back to the Ram Inn ever again.

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